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With the international well-known brands: Zara, H&M, C&A, Uniqlo, Nautica, Liz Claiborne, Perry Ellis, JackJonse, Target and other international famous brand for more than 20 years of cooperation, Lanxi Vega Linen Textile Co.,Ltdhas accumulated rich experience in the field of international brands in flax, flax fiber is transformed intoLanxi Vega Linen Textile Co.,Ltd innovation and development, follow the international standard the concept of high quality, promote domestic flax and flax culture consumer market demand through the internationalization of the quality of linen fabrics, so that domestic consumers begin to recognize the identity of linen, linen, linen to choose as the representative of the green, environmental protection, healthy and comfortable lifestyle, further won the domestic terminal brand favored through the domestic consumption market of linen, let flax into the homes of ordinary people.