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LANXI VEGA LINEN TEXTILE CO., LTD is located in a 120-years history of flax processing, named by the State Council of China's Heilongjiang Province, the hometown of flax Lanxi Linen Textile.

LANXI VEGA is engaged in linen product research, production and sales of large-scale textile enterprises。 Covering a land area of 100,000 square meters and owns more than 400 sets of processing equipment, the total annual output of which is 10000 wet spinning spindles; and weaving machine 200 sets

With annual capacity of 4,000 tons of pure flax semi-bleaching yarn and original color yarns from Nm 4.8to Nm 42, linen knitting yarn 2,000 tons. 10 millions meter of linen fabrics. 1,000 employees, among whom, 110 technicians and 25 researchers

     Owning advanced spinning and weaving bleaching and yarn dyed production equipment, through which 50 types of yarn and 110 types of linen fabrics are produced.

Product species including flax yarn, linen fabric, cotton cross weaving, linen weaving pay sticky, semi-floating fabric, dyed fabric, jacquard fabric and other related products, including a total of dozens of linen.

     Products are mainly exported to Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Brazil, Canada, the United States and other countries and regions.